June 28, 2016   |  

Know your worth…


If you are in a toxic relationship whether is be with a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or even family member, RUN. Get them out of your life! Toxic people try to suck and drain you of your light, they are soul snatchers. They attempt to dull your sparkle, take your bubbliness away and turn you into someone you aren’t because they are fighting their own demons so they treat you like garbage to feel on top and powerful. Don’t let it happen to you, not now, not ever.

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June 21, 2016   |  

Interview with Ronde & Glamour


Q. Who are you?
A. My name is Laura Lee… I’m a mix of a lot. Half Venezuelan and part Dutch, English, Norwegian, German. Born in the states, grew up in California and in Cartagena, Colombia in South America. Came back to the states to go to College and have been in New Jersey ever since. Got my degree and became a graphic designer, 2 years ago I decided to follow my dream and became a Plus Size model.

Q. Laure Lee in 3 words…
A. Loud, Crazy & Fun

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